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The project of the company AERO 145 AEGIS located on the business park of the Avignon Provence Airport has just passed to the operational phase, thanks in particular to the France Relance device – to a €690’000 aid from Bpifrance and a €400’000 subsidy from the South Region.

Thanks to these contributions, the project will accelerate the process of obtaining financing from banking institutions.

The AERO 145 AEGIS project

Founded in June 2021 by Joseph HERAIEF and Patrice STIMPFLING and concretized by the creation of a company with new partners, AERO 145 AEGIS has for project to make aeronautical maintenance on the activity zone of the Airport of Avignon Provence, property of the Southern Region: parking, storage, conversion of aircraft, painting, and deconstruction. By centralizing all these activities on a single site, a first in Europe for regional and medium-haul aircraft, AERO 145 AEGIS aims to be an eco-responsible company and to drastically reduce its CO2 emissions. All these activities will be carried out in a closed environment, in hangars to be built near the runway. Beyond the space available on this platform, AERO 145 AEGIS has chosen this site in Avignon for its strategic access (roads and airways) and its ideal weather conditions for this type of activity. 

This project will contribute to the dynamics of the region since it should generate 220 jobs within the company and 500 indirect jobs in 3 years.  

It is a unique opportunity for the territory, which will generate new jobs. This new economic project will create a real dynamic for the communes of the Grand Avignon.

AERO 145 AEGIS would like to thank Christophe MIRMAND, Prefect of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, Bertrand GAUME, Sub-Prefect Julien FRAYSSE, as well as all the actors of the Southern Region, Renaud MUSELIER, President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region and President of Régions de France, his teams and his agency of attractiveness and economic development, Rising SUD, for their active support. 

Without forgetting, the Vaucluse departmental council, Mrs Dominique SANTONI, Mr Joël GUIN, President and all the elected officials of the Greater Avignon area, Mr Gilbert MARCELLI, President, and Mr Michel MARIDET of the Vaucluse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, sole shareholder of the Avignon Provence Airport Company (SAAP), a supporter from the very beginning of the setting up of our company in the airport area.

With the help, adhesion and support of all participants, our ambition is to become an essential eco-responsible actor of the aviation industry and to contribute to the economic and social influence of our territory.

Considerable investments are required to implement such a project, estimated to date at €34 million. The project has been realized thanks to a consortium composed of the Société aéroportuaire Avignon Provence, a private investor (Alpha AERO, which oversees the construction of the hangars for €34 million) and the ABE conseil company. 

“Beyond the sums involved, these contributions granted by the State and the Southern Region are a mark of confidence from the public authorities and additional guarantees for our industrial approach” explains Joseph HERAIEF.  

“This investment is perfectly in line with the Southern Region’s Climate Plan “Gardons une Cop d’Avance” (Let’s keep a step ahead), which places the environment and the climate emergency at the heart of regional priorities. By choosing the South of France, AERO 145 AEGIS is bringing its expertise in aeronautical maintenance to the heart of a dynamic ecosystem and will create many jobs for the inhabitants of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur while being environmentally conscious. As a full partner in their installation, they can count on the mobilization of the Region’s teams to support them at every stage,” said Renaud MUSELIER, President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, and Deputy President of Régions de France. 

This major support will prove particularly useful in securing a €5 million investment from a private investor. This amount is essential to accelerate the project’s development, to start the construction of the buildings in association with the Banque des Territoires and to activate the recruitment of employees necessary for the progression of the AERO 145 AEGIS activity.


€5 million will be dedicated to the environmental aspect to guarantee the virtuous nature of the project. This investment goes beyond the requirements of the European Union for our sector of activity.


> 14,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels for 100% clean electricity consumption and very low “on-site” CO2 emissions, which will be offset

> Fleet of company vehicles on site only electric

> Waste management: more than 90% of metals and other materials will be recycled

> Low water consumption (closed circuit activities)

> Zero gas pollution (closed circuit activities)

> Implementation of ISO 14001 as an environmental management system

> Objective of ACA certification in 2023 in direct cooperation with Avignon Provence airport

Moreover, the establishment of AERO 145 AEGIS only increases the activity by +0.6% per year.  

AERO 145 AEGIS in brief 

Status: Simplified joint stock company with a capital of 400’000, created in June 2021

Location: Avignon Provence Airport business park, 335 avenue Clément Ader – 84140 AVIGNON 

Objective: 220 jobs within the company within 3 years 

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