AERO 145 AEGIS : A breath of fresh air for the "Grand Avignon"

Created: 06/16/2022
Last edited: 08/06/2022

Outcome for the “Grand Avignon” over the first 3 years of operation

  • 220 direct jobs
  • 500 indirect jobs
  • 47 M Euros revenues over 
  • 10.8 M Euros fiscal revenues


What will Aero 145 Aegis activities be?

  1. Maintenance
  2. Painting 
  3. Aircraft conversion
  4. Parking and storage
  5. Dismantling


What are the environmental concerns addressed by Aero 145 Aegis?

By being the first hub in Europe to offer such a large panel of services, we are aiming to reduce the amount of unnecessary air traffic thus reducing the amount of pollution.

The CO2 reduction is equivalent to 8,937 tons of waste. This is what 25,247 inhabitants generate in average yearly.

Out of the 34 M Euros invested, 5 millions will be directly allocated to support our environmental commitments, going over and beyound the standards.


Why Avignon?

It is a strategic location, with great economical potential and with favorable weather conditions. We are very attached to this region.


Contact us if you want to know more or visit our career section to know more about our job openings.

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